We are proud that a number of respectable Croatian companies has chosen Green Energy from HEP Opskrba.

As the first media user of green energy and a forerunner of such socially responsible practices among public institutions in the Republic of Croatia, Hrvatska radiotelevizija expresses its future intentions as well as a strategic direction focused on responsible operations and environment protection. A further use of RES is the result of our social responsibility guidelines. As a public media service, we wish to use our business practices and decisions for the provision of best examples and for setting high standards across segments including socially responsible operations and environment protection. Therefore, green energy is a logical step forward in cooperation and a direction we wish to take.

Siniša Kovačić, acting director – general of Hrvatska radiotelevizija

As a driver of social and economic development, PLIVA takes care of people and the environment, thus integrating economic, environmental and social factors in its everyday operations. All of us at PLIVA consider sustainable development and environment protection one of core business principles. Having opted for the use of electricity produced solely from renewable sources, PLIVA reaffirmed its dedication to a continuous care for the community in which it operates.

Zoran Bunčić, Member of the Management Board and Executive Director of Product Supply Croatia

ZelEn is not only our green energy choice, it is also the direction our company has taken i.e. responsibility towards environment and our future generations. Taking ecology as an every day life standard and not only declaratively, concrete decisions regarding our business operations focus on social responsibility strengthening as well as on strengthening our responsibility towards nature and the world which surrounds us. This was the basis for opting for electricity produced from renewable sources for supplying all our 75 hyper- and supermarkets.

Renewable energy sources play a very important role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, which is one of the key objectives of DS Smith Group. We are contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions by improving energy efficiency and increasing a share of RES. This makes the selection of ZelEn a logical step as it represents our corporate social responsibility and our care for the environment.

Mario Tomljanović, Director SD Smith Plastics Karlovac d.o.o.

A long term success is possible only by respecting all of the factors in a business environment including the nature around us. Therefore we appreciate the initiative and the offer from HEP Opskrba and by choosing Zelena Energija we are joining the societies that acknowledge, encourage and appreciate such socially responsible behavior and with these societies we will create and uphold a positive and long lasting economic and environmental system.

Igor Arbanas, CEO of Aluflexpack novi

We are exceptionally pleased to be a part of the ZelEn project and set new standards in hospitality industry as a leading tourism business company and thus create good practice examples recognized by a wider business community as well. Having purchased electricity from renewable sources as well as implemented other energy management measures in 2016, Valamar Riviera has reduced the greenhouse emissions by over 70% on an annual basis. As we have systematically been engaged in environmental protection and the rational use of natural resources, the use of energy from renewable sources represents one of our core tasks which fulfilment is facilitated by the very Green Energy initiative.

Alen Benković, Vice President of Development, Facilities Maintenance and Technical Services Valamar Rivijera

Guided by a high level of awareness directed towards sustainable development and having in mind the fact that all funds raised by the sales of ZelEn will be used for other projects that will help build renewable energy sources, was enough for us to become users of this energy. Also, we were motivated by the thought that in this way we increase the energetic efficiency within OiV and at the same time within the whole system.

Aleksandar Golub, CEO of Odašiljači i veze

We have joined the Zelen project in the spirit of our strategy and in line with our business vision 'The World of Healthy Pleasures'. In light of long term operational sustainability as our priority, we have decided to add this green measures to all to-date conducted ones, and to launch said initiative among the first in the hospitality industry with HEP as our long standing partner. We believe this is only the first among many steps in said direction which will facilitate the continuation of the same 'green' business strategy within all the hotels under our management

Branimir Blajić, Director of Terme Sveti Martin

It is our pleasure to participate and to be a part of the initiative promoting the use of alternative energy sources. We support the projects of this kind as they fit perfectly into the business philosophy of the Dubrovnik Hotel, thus contributing to the collective raising and preservation of environmental awareness.

Gordan Šušak, Director of Hotel Dubrovnik

As a member of the Austrian ARCOTEL Hotels Group, ARCOTEL Allegra is actively engaged in sustainability initiatives. In line with the previously stated, we use products supplied by regional suppliers in conducting our everyday business operations as well as encourage our employees and guests to use bicycles and means of public transportation as much as possible in order to facilitate a decrease of carbon dioxide, promote health and help the environment. This is the very reason for deciding to take part in the initiative of promoting alternative energy sources, thus contributing further to the spirit of sustainability and increasing environmental awareness.

Ljiljana Mikić, Director of ARCOTEL Allegra Zagreb

Vivera, like all other companies under Hipp, is in all business aspects acting socially responsible and special care is given to environmental preservation, while we are predominantly oriented towards renewable energy sources. Hipp, as a leading global manufacturer of organic baby food works under the motto: “Best from the nature. Best for the nature.” ZelEn product fits perfectly into our business philosophy.

Darko Baljak, manager of Vivera

ZelEn fully complies with the business vision of the National Park Plitvička jezera, which wishes to remain UNESCO's World Natural Heritage as well as the Croatian leader in preserving and promoting unique natural and cultural values and their evaluation through sustainable tourism. An immensely large value of the natural resource under our management forces us to implement high environmental standards contributed by ZelEn making us proud to be a part of this project.

Ana Brajdić, acting head of the Marketing and Sale Department

Ericsson Nikola Tesla, as a member of a global ICT technological leader, promotes in all its activities including the use of ZelEn energy from renewable sources, profitable as well as socially responsible operations including economic sustainability, environmental preservation and a positive effect on human lives and the entire community. The company is actively involved in achieving all benefits of a networked society and facilitates fulfilment of the fundamental human aspiration for exchanging thoughts and information, without any spatial and time limitations.

Gordana Kovačević, President of Ericsson Nikola Tesla

In accordance with socially responsible behavior and care for the environment, ZelEn product has enabled us to decrease the CO2 emission to its minimum, which positively affects our international customers. ZelEn has enabled us to follow global trends in the leather industry where great care is given to ecology, energetic efficiency and renewable energy sources.

Ivan Ljubić, manager of Psunj leather company

Regeneracija deals with recycling of textile and manufacturing insulation and protective flooring. These products make the building process quicker and more simple and enhance the energetic efficiency of the building. We have decided for ZelEn product so that we can encompass our whole productional process in which we accentuate sustainable development.

Anđelko Švaljek, manager of Regeneracija Zabok

JGL has become a proud buyer of HEP Opskrba ZelEn product with the goal of stimulating the production of energy from renewable sources, so it can become competitive with the energy gotten from conventional sources, as well as with the goal of encouraging sustainable economic growth in our surroundings. By buying the ZelEn product JGL continues to adopt ecological standards and to be proactive in the sense of environmental preservation, healthy personal growth and affirmative social action.

Teo Rakočević, Manager of corporative branding in JGL

HAJDUK plastična ambalaža d.o.o. sees sustainable development and environmental protection as one of its core business principles. Our decision to use electricity generated from renewable sources supports corporate social responsibility, unavoidable in modern business operations. We are defined by what we do with what we have.

Tamara Hajduk Milak, Director Hajduk plastična ambalaža d.o.o.

Aquafil group, with AquafilCro branch has adopted the Policy of sustainable development as an integral part of its business policy in 2007, with the primary goal of emission decrease. ZelEn product is in accordance with company's orientation of being active in the area of sustainable development. With this acquisition AquafilCro gives its positive contribution to the environmental balance of Aquafil group.

dr.sc. Saša Muminović, CEO of AquafilCRO

ILIRIJA has been systematically and continuously putting substantial efforts and activities into modifying and implementing EU standards, procedures and regulations in all aspects of environmental protection (maritime, coastal, areal, water and ground preservation) and waste management while accentuating environmental preservation since without preserved natural resources there is no Croatian tourism. Guided by these principles and in collaboration with our longtime partner HEP Opskrba we have started using the ZelEn product, which enables us to fully decrease the negative effects of tourism in nature and our surroundings, and to manage the mentioned with quality and in a responsible and sustainable manner.

Goran Ražnjević, CEO of Ilirija

By getting involved with the ZelEn project we wish to strengthen the recognizability and orientation towards renewable energy sources and environmental preservation. Wooden pellets and ZelEn are an ideal example of complimentary products. Along with our existing ecological certificates (FSC) and quality certificates (DIN plus, Enplus A1) ZelEn will surely be an added quality which our customers will reward.

Ivić Pašalić, manager of Mundus Viridis

In view of Ducati komponenti being a highly technologically and environmentally aware company, we believe renewable energy sources to be a logical source of electricity supply. Purchase of ZelEn marks the beginning of the production cycle generating fully environmentally friendly products. ZelEn thus perfectly fits into our company policy which especially nurtures environmental and nature protection as well as our and our children's better future.

Crnković Dražen, Director of Ducati komponenti d.o.o.

‘Lošinj archipelago is the pearl of the Adriatic, a unique natural surrounding and a synonym for healthy life and preserved environment. Our business core values are taking care of surrounding nature and sustainable development. Thanks to HEP Supply’s new product, we can contribute to nature preservation by supplying all Jadranka hoteli d.o.o. facilities with electricity produced solely from renewable sources. We are especially proud to contribute as a business entity to further investments into RES construction projects through ZelEn. Becoming a part of the ZelEn project is just another step by which Jadranka hoteli d.o.o. wishes to raise awareness of the importance of preserving our surrounding environment’, said

Damir Mlacović, President of the Management Board of Jadranka hoteli d.o.o.

Focused on long term progress, green energy is our choice. As the biggest furniture showroom in Krapina-Zagorje County, Grading aspires to further development and sets high standards. Taking care of the environment by using electricity produced by our hydropower plants is one of such high standards which we meet. We wish to use our business operations for setting an example to others for opting for the purchase of green energy from renewable sources i.e. the 'green project'.

Borislav Tadić, Director of Grading

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