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Aiming at meeting our customers' needs and keeping up with market trends, Hep Opskrba was first to offer a unique product of ZelEn on the electricity market in the Republic of Croatia.

This is green energy produced solely from renewable sources. Working in synergy with our partners we are promoting the environmentally-friendly approach to generation and affirming sustainable energy sources.

What is ZelEn?
100% electric energy from renewable sources
  • Is proven by retiring a sufficient number of guarantees of origin in the Registry of Guarantees of Origin managed by the Croatian Electricity Market Operator (HROTE). Each guarantee of origin is equivalent to 1 MWh of electricity produced from renewable sources.
  • Each guarantee of origin is equivalent to 1 MWh of electricity produced from renewable sources.
The right to use the ZelEn Mark
The right to use the ZelEn Mark
  • By purchasing the ZelEn product you receive the right to use the protected ZelEn mark on your products and promotional materials.
  • The mark has been protected by the State intellectual property office and International mark register lead by The International Trademark System (WIPO).
For whom is ZelEn intended?
  • HEP Opskrba´s customers who are showing a socially responsible attitude, caring about environmental preservation and additionally encouraging production of energy from renewable sources.
  • ZelEn is offered only to entrepreneurial customers. We are planning to offer it to household customers as soon as possible.
Kuna gathered in ZelEn Fund
Kuna gathered for projects for building new green sources
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Reduction of
CO2 emissions
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ZelEn kupaca
How much does ZelEn cost?
ZelEn costs extra 20 eurocents or about 1,5 kunas/MWh. For example, a company that has an annual consumption of 1.000.000 kWh will spend for Zelena Energija 1497 HRK more per year or about 125 HRK a month.
for the best total programme of the Croatian Green Economy