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All the earning from the sale of ZelEn will be invested into a fund for RES an EE projects for disasvantaged public sector service users.

The projects will be shosen by the ZelEn Fund. The Fund is managed by the Bord consisist of representatives of customers, HEP Opskrba and HEP Group.
ZelEn Fund
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Kuna gathered for projects for building new green sources
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CO2 emissions
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How much does ZelEn cost?
ZelEn costs extra 20 eurocents or about 1,5 kunas/MWh. For example, a company that has an annual consumption of 1.000.000 kWh will spend for Zelena Energija 1497 HRK more per year or about 125 HRK a month.
for the best total programme of the Croatian Green Economy